Thursday, September 27, 2012

Student Pressure

One of the most trying times in a person's life is the school years.  Whether it be high school or college, university or adult education. 

  • The pressure of getting the grade.  "I need to get that A in Communications to keep my scholarship"

  • Peer pressure to do drugs, drink, or act in a certain manner.  "All my friends are smoking up, and keep asking me to as well, but I don't want to!"

  • Exams.  Study, study, study.  Do you feel like that's all you do, and it's not going anywhere for you?

  • Sexual orientation.  "I"m gay, but no one knows, and I'm scared"

  • Financial problems due to the economy. "I can barely afford tuition let alone food"

  • Bullying.  "Everyone hates me because I don't look and act like they do"

  • Homesick for friends and family if you're away at school.  "I miss my parents, and my best friends who are at another school all together without me.

  • Issues with roomates, and dorms.  "My roomates are just horrible to deal with, they don't clean anything and are rude and inconsiderant people"

  • Chosing a Major.  "What if I choose the wrong Major and I can't get a job after!"

There are SO many issues that come up during the school era of your life. Do any of the above comments or phrases sound like something you've heard yourself say or think?

I remember when I was away at college, being homesick because of being in a long-distance relationship caused me to go home nearly every weekend.  I missed out on many weekends at the college, with friends, because I felt like I needed to be home.  Once I let myself branch out to new opportunities, I saw myself really open up with friends and outings.

I was fortunate to have excellent roomates that were great to talk to, with a grade I was unhappy with, with a study problem, a boy, and even to talk about where my degree was going to take me. 

That's not always the case for students, and we want to let you know that you're not alone.  There are volunteers at our centre that are also students, that may be able to relate to what you're experiencing.

If you feel as if you can't talk to anyone at the school, or friends, or even your family, and you're away at school, we're here for you.  Depression can sneak up on even the happiest of person when they're away at college or university, or even if you're still in high school or getting your OSSD through Adult Education.

Be the healthiest student you can be, physically, emotionally, mentally. 


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