Friday, September 16, 2016

Why Fall is the Best Season

Need some convincing that it’s okay to let go of summer? Here are three reasons why fall is the best of our four seasons!

Maybe this summer was full of fun opportunities, time spent with family and friends, time off from work and maybe even some time under the sun or on a patio.  Or maybe none of this was feasible or appeals to you in favour of keeping cool and safe from sunburns and that’s okay too! 

While summer and winter both have the potential to stir up some negative seasonal mental health symptoms as a result of extreme weather and temperatures, changing amounts of sunlight during the day, etc. fall can be the perfect “in between” season to find some peace and calm in your life.

1. With lowering temperatures and higher potential for rain, fall brings with it the opportunity to wear comfy and cozy clothes. Ate an extra helping of dessert and feeling a bit bloated?  Throw on a comfy sweater! Don’t feel like shaving your legs? Pull those cozy full length pants on! Without the need to shed layers due to the summer heat, fall clothes can bring comfort as well as some peace to the minds of those of us feeling body conscious throughout the summer. 

2.  Fall food is delicious! Butternut squash soup, chili, pretty much any warm food comes back into our diet after having avoided anything exuding extra heat all summer. Not to mention the pumpkin! Not only is classic pumpkin pie back in season, these days you can pretty much buy pumpkin flavoured everything!

3. Here in Ottawa we are lucky to be afforded a season where we are treated to spectacular views of changing and falling leaves. Although it might be a pain to have to rake for hours after your maple tree on the front lawn decides it’s time to let go, the beauty of driving down a street or sitting in a park filled with different hues of oranges, reds and golds cannot be exchanged. Bring a book to a park in your neighbourhood or head up to the Gatineau Hills for some much deserved self-care time.

Here’s hoping you have a great autumn season! Remember – we are always here 24/7, no matter the season! 613-238-3311.


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