Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Who Turned Out The Sun?

It's that time of year again, when the days get shorter, the weather gets frigid, and we turn back the clocks an hour for daylight savings time - which is this weekend, if you didn't already know!

Less daylight.  Getting up in the dark, going home in the dark.  Where does that leave us? In our offices or at home, or at work in a store, where we only see the daylight from our windows (if we're fortunate enough to have a window) or experience a measly breath of fresh air going to and from the car or bus.  

All of this can leave us feeling groggy, fatigued, irritable, angry, and depressed.  

How can you break free of this unhealthy schedule that can be harmful to your mental health and overall well-being?

  • Take a break!  Even if you're not a smoker, even a 5-10 minute bout of fresh air can do wonders.  Breathe in deeply while outside, letting the air fill your lungs, and exhale through your mouth.  Breathe in the oxygen and let out the stress, etc

  • Lunchtime walks!  Have a half hour or even an hour for lunch?  Bust out of your work environment for half of your lunch break.  Grab your jacket, and good shoes and just get out and enjoy the outside world.  I know this may not be as appealing in -35 degree weather come January/February, but you'll come to appreciate the feeling of releasing your mind for a few minutes.

  • Have a dog that you just let out the back door at home?  Head to the dog park or just go for a walk around the block.  Fido will love it, and it gives you the chance to rejuvenate.

  • Partake in seasonal outdoor activities!  Skiing, snowshoeing, sliding, skating, are all great winter activities - and for the time being, hiking in the Gatineau Hills is superb!  Look at joining a walk or run club in your area where you can also meet others who are wanting to get out and about!

These are just some quick ways to get out and breathe in the fresh air during the time of daylight savings.  

  • Be sure to get enough sleep as well.  "Falling Back" an hour means an extra hour of sleep (little bit harder with children and pets, but everyone adjusts in the end) so it's a good time to curl up with a great book, and just relax.

  • Also, ensuring that your diet is a healthy one is ideal.  Lots of seasonal fruits and vegetables are a key ingredient to a well balanced diet, as well as steering clear of fast food, and all that extra Halloween candy still laying around!

Taking care of yourself during this time adjustment is the best way to get through whatever feelings and emotions come into play.  If you find yourself struggling, please don't hesitate to reach out to us for support.  613-238-3311 anytime of day or night, we are here for you!

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